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New technology promises to streamline complex projects
Published 25.05.2010
Software which could save operators thousands of pounds a day during complex oil and gas projects has been launched by an energy services company in Aberdeen, today.

AGR Petroleum Services, which recently celebrated completing its 400th drilling project in a decade, has drawn on its vast experience of delivering challenging projects to develop new technology called Eikos. The software helps maximise time use during projects and encourage better, more efficient interaction between teams.

The company has teamed up with leading north east software developers Codify to deliver Eikos. While it is expected to be widely used throughout the oil and gas industry, Eikos can also bring significant benefits across other business sectors.

Chris Ferrier, AGR’s vice president of information technology, said: “We are constantly pushing our engineers and software designers to come up with new and innovative solutions for the energy industry.

“We’re excited to be launching Eikos, which will change the way projects are managed in the future. Our in-house engineers have reported huge benefits during projects around the world and we are greatly looking forward to rolling this out to the wider market.”

No matter where in the world someone is they can log into Eikos and receive an up-to-the-minute report of activity - giving them an easy grasp of the overall project. The software quickly identifies periods of downtime so that managers can take action to reduce it, saving them both time and money. It also allows users to see each layer of the project as it progresses enabling them build an accurate picture of the activity  each team is involved with.

AGR is the sole distributer and licensee of Eikos which was developed by a subsidiary of Codify. The launch follows the success of the AGR’s risk management software P1™ version 3.8 which saw a 300% increase on projected profits for the software following its re-launch last year.

Mark Griffiths, managing director of Codify, said: “Eikos is the result of several years of in-depth development and we are delighted to have partnered with AGR to launch this innovative software. We have been working closely with AGR’s engineers and other project managers to ensure it is as practical and helpful as possible. The software will not only help improve work rates during projects but it will also be a very useful for training and improved learning. ”

Eikos works by asking each key person involved in a project to regularly log their activity and provide an insight into any lessons learned. An accurate and real-time picture of how the project is progressing is built up allowing managers to compare this to their estimated schedule and make any necessary adjustments. 

Clients have access to system thereby providing full transparency during projects. By compiling a detailed and interactive log of the project, companies can review activity and use it as a reference for future projects.

Individuals can see where each task fits into the bigger picture and, as a result, Eikos encourages innovative approaches to be suggested. Managers can assign tasks and set deadlines, helping to effectively monitor activity. Reports on progress can be easily produced and distributed by email to recipients.

Eikos is web based so significantly reduces the need for additional IT programmes and input.  It has been designed to be user friendly and most users can navigate their way around the site straight away.

Author: Torund D. Bryhn

AGR Petroleum Services, part of the Oslo Stock Exchange-listed AGR Group, is the world’s largest independent provider of well management and subsurface services.  AGR Group has been in existence for more than 20 years and the AGR Petroleum Services division since its formation in 2005 has experienced dynamic growth with offices in four continents.

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