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Training Courses

AGR's TRACS Training offers more than 50 technical and commercial courses to the oil and gas industry. 
Using the TRACS Training library as a starting point, the content of the courses together with their timing and location is specified in discussion with the training specialists from the client company. Courses can also be arranged for multiple clients if required.

Unlike many other training providers, most of the course material is developed and owned by us. Moreover, many of the staff and associates who make up the tutor group are colleagues and have built up experience as a tutor group, developing a shared style and making the Training brand unique.

To ensure our material stays up-to-date, our tutors are also practising E&P consultants in their own right,  and the tutor group includes technical authors and industry-recognised SPE and EAGE Distinguished Lecturers.
The Early Development Series is designed for groups of new entrants to the industry such as graduate intake. The courses are typically multi-disciplin...
The E&P Overview Series is aimed at audiences, which are often non-technical, looking for a succinct summary of the E&P business. The courses ...
The Reservoir Series includes the technical subsurface courses from geophysics through to geology, petrophysics and reservoir engineering. These can b...
The Wells Series includes the wells-based technical courses from completion design through to introductory drilling and well planning. These are offer...
The Business and Risk Series embraces the non-technical business courses such as petroleum economics and risk analysis, strategy and planning. These h...
The Open Air Series takes training events to outdoor locations, combining classroom teaching with sessions on rock outcrops which serve as reservoir a...
The Coaching Series was designed to address the needs of individuals or teams for direct coaching involving material from any of the Series described ...
The Master Class Series gathers together a set of specialist courses for experienced staff. The courses are industry-leading and tutored by individual...
Blending learning has emerged across the industry as a means of combining different learning and development methods.  TRACS Training products...

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