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Finding solace through creativity

Finding solace through creativity

There’s no doubt that the restrictions throughout 2020 as a result of the pandemic and that now continue into 2021 has led to a restlessness for something that you just don’t get online. For many, it’s a renewed appreciation of nature and the outdoors, for others it’s an urge to be creative and for some it may be achievement of fitness goals.
Our Reservoir Geology Manager, Anna-Lena Hellman, has a cabin in the southwestern archipelago of Sweden - a sanctuary where she goes to 'recharge her batteries' - which she has been unable to visit for almost a year now.
During her last trip there, Anna-Lena came across some rocks that she took inspiration from and using yarn of similar colours, she put her knitting skills to use and knitted a beautiful sweater.

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You can see the colours in the rocks that inspired the pallete for Anna-Lena’s sweater.

Just simply taking a moment to notice the detail and richness of what surrounds us can help us to feel happier, more relaxed and in Anna-Lena’s case, provide inspiration to create something that helps her to feel connected to her happy place. Indeed, whenever Anna-Lena needs a break, she puts on her sweater and goes walking in the woods.

Anna-Lena recently led AGR’s subsurface team in building a history matched reservoir model for the Draugen field that successfully enabled the client, OKEA ASA, to optimise reservoir management, prognosis of future production and planning of infill targets. You can read more about this work here.