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Onshore Logistics Coordinator

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Deadline Open
AGR Well Management is seeking an Onshore Logistics Coordinator to co-ordinate and control the movement of all materials, rental and owned, relating to the drilling and completion operations of the assigned project. The Onshore Logistics Coordinator works closely with the Logistics Superintendent, Engineering Team & 3rd party service companies to ensure requirements of a specific project are met. Co-ordinate cargo details and related documentation prior to chartering & loading vessels, attend rig calls & action any logistical concerns that arise, communicate with helicopter contractor with regards to flying schedules/crew changes, ensure efficient turnaround of equipment in a cost-effective manner, Prepare & distribute import/export customs documents, prepare shipping manifests using AGR's bespoke M²™ Materials Management software, participate in end of well re-conciliations with accounts to ensure efficient project close out.
Qualification requirements
A minimum of 5 years direct logistics experience in an oilfield company background is desired.  The ideal candidate should also possess a good general knowledge of products and services relevant to the industry
Job specific requirements
Key Competencies:        

You should be an effective communicator able to identify possible sources of conflict and effect resolution of same.
You will possess a degree of analytical ability in relation to reporting on logistical activities.
You must be able to demonstrate good general knowledge of business system process and procedure.
You will need specific knowledge of computerised inventory systems.
You will be proficient in the use of company standard software packages (Word, Excel, etc.)

Contact information
To apply, email: or call T. +44 (0) 1224 629000

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