AGR conducts reservoir modelling on OKEA's Draugen field - AGR
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AGR conducts reservoir modelling on Draugen field in NCS

AGR provided a history matched reservoir model that enabled the Operator of the field, OKEA, to optimise reservoir management, prognosis of future production and planning of infill targets.

The Draugen field is approaching 30 years of production and is expected to deliver for several more years to come. Draugen was discovered in 1984 and the oil is found in the Garn and Rogn formations, of which the latter holds approximately 90% of the reserves.

The production is declining and the Operator of the field, OKEA ASA, aimed to map the opportunities to most effectively exploit the remaining reserves. OKEA acquired the operatorship recently and needed a complete revision of the reservoir model for the field. New well and seismic data together with production history since the latest vintage of reservoir modelling (10 years ago) needed to be fully incorporated.

AGR’s permanent in-house sub surface team was engaged to build this full field model. The design of the model was set to cater for several objectives such as a basis for prediction and production prognosis, daily production optimisation, well planning of infill wells, reservoir management and facility modifications.


AGR’s niche team constructed a full ensemble-based uncertainty workflow, which was run by using industry practice software solutions. From the filtered ensemble, a history-matched-base case model was delivered. The uncertainty range among in-place volumes and recoverable volumes were estimated.

  • Reservoir Modelling
  • History Matching
  • Reservoir Geology
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Petrophysical Evaluation
  • Ensemble-based Uncertainty Workflow


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