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AGR assists with a multi-well multi-operator rig programme

AGR managed multi-well multi-operator campaign with six different drilling rigs, including both jack-ups and semi-submersibles, supported by logistics operating from four different supply bases in the UK.


Licensed operators, many of them small independent companies, are faced with planning and executing drilling programmes without the necessary internal capacity, capability or experience. Many of the new entrants also have no experience of the rig contracting market and need assistance in gaining access to rigs. 

AGR has the experience, agility and knowledge to manage multi client campaigns having pioneered the approach in all main energy hubs.


The advantages of multi-well rig programmes go far beyond the contracting and operation of drilling rigs. Participating companies can access cost benefits from combined site-survey cruises in which vessel mobilisation and demobilisation costs are shared. Clients can plan and execute their individual drilling programmes from the strength of a much broader operating base, and experience has shown that rig operators usually work more effectively and efficiently when they are engaged in a continuous and consistent drilling programme managed by a single operator.

The advantages of using AGR go beyond the procurement and management of rigs, with expertise and management again major features. Clients benefit from the efficiency of AGR’s supply chain where contracts with key drilling-service providers are in place and AGR maintains a close working relationship with its suppliers. The consolidated demand created by these multi-well programmes leads to a much higher demand for goods and services than a small operator can generate independently, and the prices offered through AGR contracts reflect this.

Planning and executing a well requires tremendous managerial and technical resources. AGR can help alleviate this pressure: its global heritage has caused it to develop extensive expertise in successfully addressing critical issues related to HSE, technical competence and delivering a drilling operation that addresses all of the necessary licence and environmental permitting requirements. Furthermore, lying at the heart of AGR’s ISO-accredited well-delivery process is its industry-leading P1 software, a probabilistic tool used
across all engineer levels that identifies risks associated with the project execution and estimates the costs and time in drilling a well.

Given the above, it is not surprising that licensed operators have increasingly looked to AGR to provide them with additional technical and managerial expertise, thereby enabling AGR to become the market leader in multi-well multi-operator rig campaigns.


Here are some of the firsts we have helped our clients to achieve by using our multi well rig campaign business model:
  • AGR drilled a well for a small independent operator in just 14 days against a budgeted time of 18 days, resulting in cost savings of $1.5 million
  • AGR successfully unlocked a heavy oil prospect for an independent Canadian operator in a field that had previously been abandoned being unproducable
  • AGR operated a remote-operations drilling campaign in the Bay of Biscay for France’s largest onshore oil producer, which was the first time the client had ever awarded its drilling to an independent well management company
  • AGR achieved the first rig-based fracture in the southern North Sea, which enabled the client to achieve the first gas production from previously unattractive tight reservoir sands.