AGR drills and tests deep water fractured carbonate well offshore Morocco - AGR
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AGR drills and tests deep water fractured carbonate exploration well offshore Morocco

Due to the remote location and the fractured carbonate, drilling risks identified in the planning phase, significant well contingency and logistics planning was required.
As part of an AGR managed multi-well campaign in the Mediterranean and North Africa, AGR was contracted by Genel Energy to drill a deep water exploration well targeting a fractured carbonate reservoir, and to conduct a drill stem test if hydrocarbons were found.

  • Fractured carbonate drilling risks - major losses, H2S, slow drilling, minimising impairment , 983m water depth
  • Designing a well with sufficient contingencies in place but retaining flexibility to drill quickly and economically if the risks did not materialise
  • Managing rig performance, as this would be the second well after an 18 month programme of shipyard work
  • Managing logistical constraints in a shared port facility
  • Delivering a well test programme that could cope with a range of oil types and the fractured carbonate reservoir setting
  • The well was drilled to the planned TD after adjusting casing setting points in response to well behaviour, and using a planned contingency hole size
  • Quality logistics support in a changeable operational situation with a long supply line - delivered on all requirements and enabled operations to proceed with no logistics related downtime
  • All operational challenges encountered were overcome including major losses drilling fractured carbonates, and well control events
  • Fractured carbonate well test was delivered including acid stimulation and nitrogen lift
'Value created for Genel was well leveraged and the protection of "the license to operate" was always in place.' - Genel Drilling Manager



Read the Logistics case study here.