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AGR manages the first drilling operation for an IOC offshore Gabon

AGR delivers the first operated well on time and budget.

AGR was awarded the contract to plan and manage international energy company’s first operated well offshore West Africa. The well location lied off the southern Gabon coastline, in 114 metres of water.

Although the company had ongoing interests in other Gabonese prospects and producing fields, this well was the first to be operated by the company. The exploration well was drilled on the Dussafu prospect.


The Dussafu Marine-1 well (DUSM-1) challenged AGR in two main ways:
  • The formations to be drilled included the notoriously difficult Madiela carbonate. 
  • The location of the well brought its own challenges.


The total cost for the well was in the region of P80 and the overall timing for the well was in the region of P40.

  • Accurate cost and risk calculation for probabilistic outcome using AGR's P1 software
  • In-depth analysis on formation and optimisation of the field resulting in better drilling efficiency compared to average in the region
  • First operated well delivered on time and budget
  • Smooth continuous operations despite logistical challenges.



Read our case study here.
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