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AGR joins the European Drilling Engineering Association
Published 24.08.2015
We are a proud member of the highly professional network group.

AGR has joined the European Drilling Engineering Association (DEA(e)). The objective of the professional network group is to improve access to skills and knowledge transfer of drilling technology through annual meetings and group sessions. 

As a new member, AGR was invited to participate as a key speaker in one of the Association's meetings. VP Software Solutions, Petter  Mathisen, discussed how data management and systemised usage of previous well experience can be utilised to allow for continuous efficient and safe operations.
Under the overall topic of the meeting “30% efficiency increase: dream or reality?”, Petter mainly concentrated on AGR’s iQx software, which enables easy access to historic well logs and saved best practices, and its functionalities​. The 20-minute talk also introduced the philosophy behind AGR’s software products and how these products have been implemented in the large number of well projects AGR has delivered in six continents on behalf of its clients. 

For more information about the Software portfolio at AGR, please visit our website.

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