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AGR launches geomechanics offering

Published: 03.02.14

Global oil and gas service company, AGR, is expanding its current Reservoir Management offering with the launch of a petroleum geomechanics service.

This involves the integration of AGR’s industry recognised geoscience and petroleum engineering expertise. In collaboration with the client, AGR helps to ensure the most technically robust and cost-effective enhancements to hydrocarbon production are applied to a specific formation or field.
Providing this geomechanical service is AGR’s reputable reservoir team. Many of the UK group moved from the highly respected TRACS International Consultancy after AGR and TRACS joined forces.  The team has been delivering acknowledged evaluation reports for over 20 years.
For a current client in the UK, AGR has provided key experience and advice on data acquisition for a Southern North Sea field injection operation.  All data will be integrated into a full field coupled geomechanical model to support near well bore limits and the safe operating limit for the total reservoir pressure.

Another opportunity AGR is currently pursuing is the quantification of micro-seismic effects to address the wider concerns highlighted by shale gas in the UK. The ongoing programme involves building a fully-fledged monitoring plan to be endorsed by the client and DECC. 

Mike Wynne, VP Reservoir Management UK, commented: “As an expanding organisation, we wanted to increase the breadth of our Reservoir Management portfolio whilst responding directly to market demands. The industry is showing an increasingly strong interest in geomechanics and we believe good quality geomechanical base data is the key to optimal field management. Determining stress regimes, understanding the impact of reservoir depletion, evaluating seals and optimising drilling designs/completions are all important agenda items among domestic and international operators.
 “Our team is able to provide clients with the reassurance that the issues associated with drilling activities - such as bore hole instability - can be managed in a responsible manner, easing the burden significantly.”
This integrated service compliments the extensive experience in drilling design and management offered by AGR’s offices at main oil hubs around the world.


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