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AGR Software introduces New approach to Incident Reporting

Published: 19.04.16

AGR’s Software team, in partnership with the company’s HSEQ business unit, will be presenting its new approach to Incident Reporting at the upcoming SPE Bergen One Day Seminar.

Organised by the SPE International and hosted by SPE Bergen regional section, the annual seminar takes place on April 20 and will feature high-end technical presentations, alongside a substantial exhibition and a day full of software demonstrations.
AGR's team of professional experts will present a paper discussing the improvement of process and standards around incident reporting systems commonly used and practiced in the upstream industry.

Knowledge sharing for "zero incident" operations

The Macondo incident led to many discussions and panels throughout the industry trying to explain why the fatal event happened and searching for solutions and methods for improving operational safety to avoid similar incidents from happening in the future.
Based on its unique and extended operational experience, AGR suggests using a simple approach of knowledge sharing and automatisation of incident reporting, enabling common standards for data gathering and learning. There are many functionalities involved in a drilling project, each having a different safety system, tailored in-house solutions and individual working cultures. AGR engineers are challenging upstream professionals to establish an industry based database with common reporting standards and automatisated data capture, eliminating human error and building operations with increased probability of “zero incident” operations.
Developing the idea into tangible solution

The paper has been developed from the team’s experience when two AGR senior drilling engineers saw a lack of a user-tailored tool or database which would enable the operational teams to increase efficiency and access the data for offset well analysis containing standardised information about best practices and lessons learned. In order to fill the gap, AGR’s iQx was developed to be implemented as part of well planning process in drilling teams, allowing improved processes of skills transfer and enhanced quality of exploration decisions. The team now suggests using the same method and approach for incident reporting.
In order to find out whether there was a demand for such common database in the industry and what functionalities and applications such incident reporting systems would need to contain, the Software team arranged a one-day workshop with five licensees from the NCS represented by HSEQ professionals. The conclusion from the workshop was that there is a potential for developing technology for productive and cost-efficient knowledge management with the continuous increase of data and information amount. The distinctive feature of the suggested solution is that the database would be applicable across the industry with the ultimate goal of various operational teams learning from each other.
The paper SPE 180004 will soon be available on the SPE archive.

More information about software solutions delivered by AGR to the upstream industry can be found on our website.

The SPE Bergen One Day seminar event page can be entered here.

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