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AGR Software Solutions: designed by experts for experts

Published: 13.11.13

AGR’s Software Solutions division offers software developed and applied in-house by our very own experts for experts in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Based on knowledge and experience gained through many drilling operations completed by AGR engineers, we have built software solutions that will help our clients to seamlessly manage risk and monitor logistics movement processes. AGR’s software enhances well construction performance results and makes daily planning and logistics management so much easier.

P1™  - see the unforeseen.
P1™ is a probalistic planning tool for well construction which draws on data from previous well construction projects to offer operators a range of solutions that may arise during construction work.
P1™ is focused upon those clients who have in-sourced their well construction operations and have a desire to improve business performance.
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CT™ - lets you do more than Excel.

CT™ is a real-time Cost Tracker that incorporates the estimated costs for the individual phases and cost items that comprise a project enabling managers to accurately track the financial status of their projects
Cost Tracker (CT™) software compliments AGR’s P1™ application enabling the client to track the daily costs incurred on projects with ease.
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M2��� – materials management made easy.

M2™, launched at the end of 2012 is a Materials Management software designed to efficiently track the movement of equipment from the moment of selection, through the supply chain to eventual return. The software has been utilised extensively on several projects in the North Sea and on the recent AGR drilling campaign in the Falkland Islands during which more than 25,000 tonnes of equipment was shipped from Aberdeen.
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iQx™ – Intelligent Planning.

This is a new addition to the AGR software portfolio and has been developed to simplify the planning and execution of wells. The software utilises relevant data from approx 6,000 exploration wells drilled on the Norwegian Continental Shelf over the past years. 100% web-based, the system is currently set-up for offset analysis and experience transfer.

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