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AGR Software: Technological solutions as good as people using it

Published: 11.10.17

Present day E&P software has significantly improved and is able to produce extremely accurate predictions, however the old adage of Garbage In-Garbage Out (GIGO) holds more true than ever.

Petter Mathisen, VP of Software division at AGR, recently participated in a panel debate of an international energy event discussing the future of digitalisation within our industry.

Future Oil and Gas was held in London and attracted the industry to contemplate on new innovations that would be shaping the future of oil and gas.

Mathisen highlighted during his speech that the overall perception that because the latest software is so good, many assume the tools must always give the correct results. In their work with the development of petroleum software, AGR Software witness that users with insufficient experience are able to understand how to enter data into technological solutions but not able to determine if that data entered is correct. Without experience, the users are not able to review the results and decide whether these match with what they were expecting. The latest digital tools make it possible to find information quite easily but determining if the information found is correct, requires experience.

With this in mind, AGR’s iQx database has been developed to bring in data from different sources, standardise it so that it may be accessed easily and compared against information from other wells. This information includes experiences, both good and bad, from all phases of the drilling operation and does not just cover the geological issues but issues above the mudline, such as tool failure, rig problems.

iQx is suitable for efficient data management and processing. But not only, iQx can be used for engineering and supporting internal processes.

But here is where experience and training come into the picture when selecting information from the software. The ability to take the data and using experience and training transform that into useful information that develops into knowledge, which is a combination of information, experience and insight that should ensure the information entered into the software is not “Garbage”.  Valuable data turns actions into reality. 

To contact Petter Mathisen, please click here.

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