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The first rig-based hydraulic fracture and well test in the North Sea

AGR delivers the first ever rig-based hydraulic fracture operation in the UK southern North Sea.

AGR had previously drilled the well in December 2006 - January 2007 and was returning to complete and fracture the well in summer 2008.

Complicating Factors:
  • Securing a rig slot.
  • No availability of a dedicated fracture stimulation vessel.
  • The well work needed to be performed in a short time frame as the gas delivery deadline was autumn 2008.
  • The installation of the subsurface production tree was from a jack-up rig instead of a semi-submersible rig.


AGR successfully re-entered, completed, performed a rig-based hydraulic proppant fracture stimulation and tested the well some 18 months after drilling and suspending the original well. The project was executed using the ENSCO 100 jack-up rig, and the client flowed their first UK North Sea gas production a few months after delivering the project.  

This was accomplished by leveraging AGR’s: 
  • Leadership in multi-well multi-operator rig campaigns, which enabled it to provide a rig slot from its ENSCO-100 consortium.
  • Tremendous engineering resources to develop an innovative solution to the problem of how the fracture stimulation could be successfully accomplished on the rig within the limited deck space available and the client-defined cost and timing parameters.
  • Experience of subsea tree installation from jack-up rigs gained on previous AGR-operated southern North Sea and eastern Irish Sea production wells.

As a result AGR provided:
  • The first ever rig-based hydraulic fracture operation in the UK SNS
  • The first ever subsea run of the Plexus M2S Pos-Grip wellhead system including a unique connector
  • The first run of a Vetco Horizontal Xmas Tree Structure for AGR
  • The first gas production for the client 18 months after initial discovery, as the fracture stimulation enabled production from previously unattractive tight reservoir sands.


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