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Reservoir Modelling - Scale and Detail
Published 31.01.2017
Our latest blog entries help the industry professionals develop an effective reservoir model.

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How much detail should go into a reservoir model?

The series starts with TRACS Training Director, Mark Bentley, asking how much detail needs to go into a reservoir model. He discusses that the models need not be unnecessarily complex, nor miss essential detail. Often a perennial question, and addressed poorly in reservoir studies, the question about details is always solvable.

In a two minute vlog, Mark takes the viewer to Clashach Cove, Scotland to offer a simple workflow to help decide what to do based on Flora’s Rule and a consideration of length scales. 

Logs, Core and Elements

Once the reservoir modeller has developed a conceptual model, they now need to decide whether the log and core data is at a suitable scale to provide representative values of porosity and permeability. 

AGR's Petrophysicist, Jenny Garnham, shows in the recent vlog two model elements at outcrop and integrates these with measurements' scales. Jenny also suggests a workflow to follow when dealing with non-representative measurements.

AGR's VLogs combine useful technical insight with practical experience for skills management. For more vlogs, check the Video area on our website.

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