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AGR currently provides consultants to more than 45 clients in over 100 locations worldwide. 

What can clients and consultants expect from AGR Consultancy? The right people with the right expertise that will make a real difference to client's project. At the same time, AGR Consultancy has the reach, support and client base to enable consultants to excel. 


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Drilling Supervisors
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Recruitment Fraud

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Maersk Oil in the UK (and as Kerr McGee beforehand) have been using the services of AGR for many years.

The personnel that we have contracted from AGR have been of a high standard, borne out by the length of time that we continue to contract many of the individuals. We have contracted offshore drilling supervisors, onshore-based drilling engineers, drilling superintendents and material coordinators from AGR. AGR supplies more personnel to our UK Drilling Department than any other single supplier, which is testimony to the efforts that the AGR staff makes in finding people who fit our requirements and the quality of the personnel they supply.

All told, I can recommend AGR as a provider of drilling consultants.
Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited, UK
I can confirm that AGR Consultancy has been a key supplier to our business for many years. The service has been of the highest standard. I have always found the team to be understanding of our requirements and responsive to our needs. We rely heavily on the consultancy for the provision of contract personnel to service the varying technical and geographical needs of our business. In recent times we have benefited further from an expansion of your business into the sphere of staff recruitment and we have engaged several candidates presented to us by yourselves.

I envisage AGR Consultancy being a key contributor to our success for the foreseeable future.
Key Client, UK
I was told about AGR by a very good consultant who worked through them and was impressed from the start with their rigorous process of checking references before taking on a new consultant.

Since becoming a consultant in 2005 through an AGR placement, they have been totally professional and have kept regular contact without being overpowering. The placements I have had through AGR have been well suited to me and I get the impression that they take the time to make sure they match the right consultants to each placement. When I wanted to move placement, AGR were able to offer me a choice of alternatives and were able to arrange an interview and secure a new placement within 3 days. While I'm sure that this is not always possible, I feel that the AGR team work very hard to get consultants placed as soon as possible.

Additionally, the consultants that I have met over the years working through AGR tend to be very good and well respected in their areas, and this must reflect well on AGR also.
​Drilling Supervisor, UK
We have been associated with AGR since February 2005 and in that time have always had excellent support from the proactive team in AGR. When it comes to negotiation on our behalf, AGR have always been strong and achieved the rates suggested. I have been personally very lucky to have had a number of contracts with an Operator working in both the UK & Norway who has been willing to let me develop myself as their HPHT requirements have also developed.

Most importantly, AGR always pay on time which is crucial for a small company like ours. Thank you for everything! 
​Senior Drilling Engineer, UK
It is a pleasure working with individuals whom exhibit a professional outlook towards their job and being the best they can be.

Simply..... AGR works well together as a team to complete the task at hand efficiently and safely. They communicate effectively, prioritize issues, and have good time management and multi tasking skills.
​Drilling Supervisor, Canada
AGR's quality standards of course are outstanding in the industry and hard for any other organisation to attain!!!
Drilling Supervisor, UK

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