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Carbon Capture, Use and Storage

CCUS - Carbon Capture, Use and Storage

From subsurface evaluation to the drill bit - AGR is a market leader in CCUS solutions.
AGR has been involved with CCUS projects for nearly two decades. During this time we have worked with Operators and various government bodies globally supporting them in their drive to reduce CO2 emissions and address the environmental changes.

Our role throughout has been to provide expertise within geoscience, reservoir and drilling disciplines, in addition to compliance, HSE, facilities and cost engineering.

As an independent technical advisor, we have supported our clients in:
  • feasibility studies including Petrophysical, Geophysical, Geomechanical and Reservoir Engineering support and modelling
  • CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery
  • subsurface characterisation evaluation of potential CO2 storage
  • assessment and mitigation of the risks associated with CO2 leakage
  • drilling, completing and injection tests of CO2 wells
  • developing regulatory framework for safe and sustainable management of CCUS facilities .


For direct enquiries with our experts, please contact:

Gudmund Olsen

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