Operations & Wellsite Geology - AGR
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Operations & Wellsite Geology

Operations and Wellsite Geology

AGR Operations and Wellsite Geologists have extensive experience from exploration and production drilling.
The AGR Operations and Wellsite Geology business unit has a long operational history dating back to 1997. This makes us one of the most established and largest group of permanen staff experts with world class experience from the North Sea as well as the global energy hubs.

AGR Operations and Wellsite Geologists support all aspects of wellsite geology and well delivery. The services include but are not limited to:

- supervision of coring
- wireline operations
- production of drilling programmes
- geomodelling while drilling
- pre-spud activities
- formation pressure evaluation
- follow-up during the drilling phase
- post-drilling activities.

We have been involved in geosteering long reach, multilateral wells in addition to supporting deepwater well operations.