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Drilling Project Management & Well Engineering
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AGR Consultancy
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Operations & Wellsite Geology

Business Advisory

We provide our clients with a comprehensive analysis for fully informed, value-driven business decisions.
AGR adds value to our client's business by focussing on the key issues from the top management perspective, whilst building our analysis from detailed assessment of technical and commercial data to maximise the effectiveness of decision making. As we develop long-term partnerships with our principal clients which enable us to respond rapidly and efficiently to their business requirements.

AGR can also provide technical and commercial specialists to join the client’s integrated team to prepare the analysis, planning and strategic thought needed prior to negotiations, and provide vital on-the-spot number crunching power at the negotiating table. When required, we also act as agents leading negotiations on behalf of clients.

AGR has established a good reputation with major lenders and brokers. With our wide ranging experience of exploration and production, technical due diligence and reserves certification, AGR has qualified senior consultants who can prepare competent person reports for stock market listing or project financing prospectus.
  • Strategic Decision Analysis - for new business development, restructuring major projects and business strategy
  • Asset & Company Valuation - for acquisitions & divestments, financing and investment decisions
  • Contract Negotiation Support - for acquisitions, licensing, unitisation and dispute resolution
  • Petroleum Policy, Taxation & Regulation - specialist services to government agencies to support licensing, divestments, privatisation, auctions, fiscal terms, contract development and dispute resolution
  • Competent Persons Reporting - In preparation of public reporting, prospectuses and company stock market listings.


For direct enquiries with our experts, please contact:

Gudmund Olsen

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