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Enhanced Oil Recovery

AGR has performed studies of EOR potential, from small scale pilot studies to screening for large field developments, including recovery of extra heavy oil with thermal or chemical injection methods and CO2 injection. 
Integration of subsurface reservoir knowledge and well engineering disciplines can aid throughout the field life and optimise recovery.  As the life of a hydrocarbon reservoir goes through its maturation phases, various recovery techniques are employed from primary, secondary through to tertiary EOR to maintain crude oil production at maximum levels. The primary importance of these techniques is to force hydrocarbons into the wellhead where it can be pumped to the surface and to increase the oil production rates. 

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) can be divided into two major types of techniques: Thermal and Non-thermal recovery of which AGR has extensive knowledge and experience.


For direct enquiries with our experts, please contact:

Gudmund Olsen

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