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hiQbe™ is AGR's regional high quality velocity cubes for depth conversion. Easily available to users, hiQbe™ enables the oil companies to change the way they work.

hiQbe™ is available as a multi client product in Norway, UK and Australia, based on a combination of data from the public domain and from contributing data owners. The data owner contribution is very significant, Norwegian hiQbe™ data base is more than twice the size of the released data in Diskos.

Multi client hiQbes™ are available for purchase or lease or single depth conversion services. We have price models suitable for most types of projects and customers.

AGR also provides a Tailored hiQbe™ service, where the hiQbe™ software is used with the customer's data. This service is available world wide, and can be used with or without well calibration.

AGR is a pioneer in regional velocity modelling with more than 30 years of experience. The hiQbe is made in AGRs internally developed and world leading AKGT software, which is under continuous development for the benefit of our customers.

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