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Our track record

Global AGR Reservoir expertise

"We required sub-surface support to understand and evaluate several complex deep water turbidite fields, offshore Ghana. AGR’s Reservoir Management division provided us with a thorough analysis of the sub-surface issues. Their knowledge and experience of such reservoir types greatly helped the evaluation.”
GNPC Reservoir Characterization Project Manager

"The reserves and resources reporting guidelines prepared by AGR TRACS are used by all operators in Brunei. The AGR team completed the project on time and within budget to our satisfaction, and we would recommend AGR TRACS to anyone seeking similar tasks to be carried out." 
Director, Petroleum Unit at Prime Minister's Department, Brunei 

"Thank you for the great job managing the reserves effort for our company. Clearly we had very good results but it took a lot of hard work and extra effort, especially over the holidays. Again thank you for a great job! "
Addax Petroleum 

“It was an excellent documentation of what Esso thought was a very successful, well balanced sub-surface study…We are happy that the AGR work has given us a confident range of resource for development planning decisions.”

"It is fair to say that without the AGR team it would not have been possible to advance NGC’s CO2 storage aspirations to the extent that has been possible since the team started work."
National Grid UK, Technical Developments Manager