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Unconventional Resources

AGR has the knowledge and experience to support shale gas and oil, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and heavy oil projects.
We focus on an integrated approach to identify and quantify the uncertainties and risks involved in applying new methods and technologies, and use this to recommend the best overall solutions.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) - AGR has advised both the UK and Norwegian governments on CCS and has delivered various projects on the UK, Norwegian and Danish shelves including CO2 injection and the subsurface characterisation evaluation of potential CO2 storage. AGR has also provided an assessment of the risks associated with CO2 leakage from injection wells, covering issues of monitoring, detection and subsequent mitigation steps. This project was delivered to a major international operator during their submission to DECC.   

AGR have performed the data analysis, pore pressure estimation, well integrity analysis, in-situ stress state analysis and reservoir geomechanics modelling on five candidate CO2 storage sites in the UKCS.  AGR also provided petrophysical, geophysical, geomechanical and reservoir engineering support and modelling to National Grid Carbon in the conceptual design phase of a development programme into the sandstone formation located in the UK sector of the Southern North Sea (SNS) (White Rose Project). The overall objective of the conceptual studies activities was to mature the design basis, conceptual ideas and associated definition, costs and schedule to a level where a definitive option selection can be made and subsequently progressed into pre-FEED (Front End Engineering Design) or FEED studies.   

Coal Bed Methane - AGR has provided operational support to a CBM production scheme, optimising the pumping operation and analysing production data. AGR has also been engaged in the drilling and completion of CBM developments.  

Shale Gas - AGR capabilities within drilling, completion and reservoir evaluation fit very well with the requirements for shale gas exploration, including drilling and stimulation (fracturing) of horizontal wells to create sufficient productivity.  

Heavy Oil - AGR has reservoir engineering expertise in the modelling of heavy oil recovery under conditions of cold production and steam injection. We also have experience of integrating operational aspects of heavy oil recovery processes and understand that this integration is a key to success of such projects. 


For direct enquiries with our experts, please contact:

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