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AGR Software - iQx™ platform

iQx™ is the industry leading cloud based platform allowing the E&P companies to unlock enhanced value from their historic and real-time data. Collaboration, central data storage and the generating of robust decision-making information are the key benefits of using our tools.

iQx™ applications make up the basis for digital well delivery securing that information flows seamlessly throughout the different stages of well life cycle.

Our applications

P1™ - Probabilistic Time and Cost Estimation
P1™ is at the forefront of understanding of the probabilistic approach as applied to time and cost estimates.Read more
CT™ - Actual Time and Cost Tracker
CT™ is a real-time Cost and Time Tracker that incorporates the estimated costs and enables to compare with the ongoing financial status of the project.Read more
Eˣ™ - Lessons Learned
Eˣ™ is a powerful library of historic activity, offset and operational G&G data and experiences.Read more
D2™ - Digital Drilling Plan
D2™ is a collaboration tool for auto-generated drilling programme, well montage and End of Well (EOR) report.Read more
OA™ - Offset Well Analysis
OA™ enables visual display of Offset data for comparison across multiple areas.Read more