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D2™ - Digital Drilling Plan

Standardisation across Teams.

With iQx™ as one common data platform for all parties involved in a drilling project, D2™ allows collaborative working of both internal and external project teams culminating into automated generation of End of Well report, digital well montage and drilling programme.
The application can be synchronised to receive data directly from the client Daily Drilling Reporting system. Other relevant input can be uploaded from files in an intuitive way in addition to inserting information manually throughout the project.

It is also as easily possible to assign responsibilities for different chapters of the Reports to all parties involved contributing to writing the final documents.

Once the Report is delivered, iQx™ enables to store the verified data into the OA™ application where it is available to assist the user in the planning of future wells.

Should you wish to find out more about D2™ or how it may be of help to you, please email support@agr-software.com


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