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Eˣ™ - Knowledge Management

Repeat your successes – learn from your mistakes.

Eˣ™ is a knowledge management tool available to all team members that facilitate the collation, storage and interrogation of Experiences and Lessons Learned. We aim to make “lessons-learned” recording an automated and standardised process of any upstream project.

Are you wondering what benefits can knowledge management achieve? 

Let us start from the easiest – strategic knowledge management helps companies identify opportunities for cross-divisional training and skills development. Locating possible features for improvement of effectiveness will enable to minimise human error and ensure motivation for working with optimisation across the company.

Additionally, the individual learning in each project is saved and made accessible on a company level.

All this leads to a higher and more consistent quality standard of our client’s projects and achieves new efficiencies.

Should you wish to find out more about Eˣ™ or how it may be of help to you, please email support@agr-software.com.


Download the product sheet here.