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iQx™ - Intelligent Well Data Management

iQˣ™ is a cloud-based data platform with details from over 80,000 wells worldwide. Our application is developed to automatically parse and standardise data into E&P industry standards and formats for data transmittance. These processes allow for a fast way of  data intake and a common normalised database as a unique starting point for digitisation, visualisation and analytics.

iQˣ™ can be adjusted to synchronise with any data source such as daily drilling reporting or real time data systems.
Offset Module
  • Visualisation of drilling data, well schematics, lithostratigraphy, drilling fluid systems, drilling parameters (ROP/WOB/FLOW/ECD/ESD/SPP)
  • Trajectory data
  • 3 visualisation
  • General timings
  • Drilling efficiency analytics
  • Major learnings visualised
GEO Module
  • Visualisation of geology related data
  • Pressure data, pore pressure/formation strength (interpreted/test curves/auto interpreted from test curves)
  • Composite logs M/LWD, Core log data SPWLA, permeability data, gas readings and more.
TIME Module
  • Interpretation of KPI data from daily drilling reporting system such as OpenWells, WellView or IDS or from rig sensor data from systems such as NOV, NOVOS or MHWIRTH CADS
  • Customised to analyse company specific KPI based on the data source
Experience Module
  • Collaborative knowledge management system to capture major learning’s from operations and for following up required actions
  • Functionality for automatic reminder of tasks
  • Document upload
  • Extensive search functionality for easily retrieving relevant learnings on a company level

Reporting Module
  • Automatically generating reports such as End of Well reports based on different data sources
  • User's meta data for wells, daily drilling reporting data and well log data such as mudlogs, composit logs, pressure logs
  • Collaborative functionality to give task to add additional information such as tables, reports text input and more
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