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How iQx™ works?

iQˣ™ innovative quality lies in its simplicity: standardising data.

The iQx software synchronises with internal daily reporting systems to eliminate any unnecessary action after the well operation. It also simplifies sharing of information and lessons learned with other parts of the organisation. Also, public information is continuously updated through synchronisation with governmental and commercial databases in order to give the best possible background for correct decision-making. The extensive library of modules available makes it possible to view dynamic well designs, detailed time analysis and bit analysis to name just a few.
Well Formation Pressure - The video illustrates how a drilling engineer or geologist would go about to quickly find out which pore pressure tests and formation strength tests have previously been used in an area where the new well is being planned and drilled.
Casing Design - The video shows how a drilling engineer would search for wells with similar technical parametres as to what is being planned - in which formations to set casing in, which mud types / weights to use.
Well Time Estimate - The video shows creating a quick ballpark figure for how long a potential well is likely to take at the early phase of planning. The software user then selects a large number of wells that are similar to the one being considered. This is useful in Drill-or-Drop decisions.

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