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What clients say - Neptune Energy

Neptune Energy (formerly known as ​VNG Norge) was among the first clients to sign for AGR’s iQˣ™. We asked their Senior Drilling Engineer how his team was using iQˣ™ on daily basis.  
What motivated you to choose iQˣ™ as your integrated solution in well projects?
We saw an opportunity to save our team’s time and resources by using a software tool that gave our engineers immediate access to all public drilling data from the NCS. We also realised that we could improve internal skills transfer and learn from other operators’ operational experiences. As iQˣ™ has the functionality to visualise data  saved in any format in public or company databases, the engineers save a lot of time normally spent on manual data search and processing. Additionally, the human error factor is eliminated, which leads to a higher and more consistent level of quality in the company’s projects, concept selection and specific well planning. 

What are the benefits of this solution?
Being able to combine actual well data with location-specific experiences has allowed us to easier map potential challenges for the planned well and to undertake necessary actions to mitigate risks long before the project starts. iQˣ™ has also been helpful in operations enabling easy check of abnormal well behaviour with relevant offset wells in addition to easily capture experiences in a new way involving the whole team and ensuring that the quality of these is up to the company’s standards.  

What do you use iQˣ™ for?
Neptune Energy uses iQˣ™ for offset analysis and saving experience. This could be for planning decided wells, following up our partners making sure we are investing in the best possible relationships. But also for applications in licensing rounds, making sure we apply in areas where we believe we can perform well and showing the authorities that we fully understand the technical challenges in the areas we apply for. Experience transfer is something that we have seen as a challenge in several companies. Experiences are either left in the project files, never to be used again, or are of a character or quality that makes them impossible to use. With iQˣ™ we easily capture the experience during the operation, classify it either to the location, rig or relevant equipment, and finally approve the experience in the project to the company’s standard so that we ensure the “lessons learned” have value for future operations. 

Where in the world do you use it?
We mainly use the system for all our operations on the NCS but we see a great potential for using the system internationally as well. 

Has it yielded any benefits / eased working processes in any way?
After installing iQˣ™ we have managed to focus time of our engineers on engineering instead of manual and time consuming data gathering and processing. We have seen that working in such a way has increased the quality of our offset analyses giving us a better platform for decision-making. Better decisions lead to safer and faster operations where we ultimately ensure a safe working environment for our people and higher probability for success in the projects that we choose. 

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