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P1™ - Probabilistic Time and Cost Modelling

Estimate operational time and cost considering also the potential risks. 
As E&P companies look to balance the most cost-effective drilling and well operations with risk, P1™ helps navigate these complexities. 

P1™ can be used for all different types of drilling and well operations, including completion, well intervention, slot recovery and abandonment. The application incorporates a large database of public well data, which can be complimented with the user's private data.

P1™ has been developed to improve well-construction performance. The use of the software and the associated procedures ensure that all risks and opportunities can be examined thoroughly in the design phase, with well costs viewed as a range of likely outcomes. 

From planning onwards, P1™ can be utilised to monitor and improve well-construction performance and to evaluate options in the event of a problem. The software accounts for the fact that risks in well design are not intuitive, and that sometimes the lowest cost option may carry the greatest business risk.

P1™ adds value and knowledge throughout the project management process, from project selection, conceptual design right through to programme execution.

Should you wish to find out more about P1™ or how it may be of help to you, please email p1@agr-software.com.


Download the product sheet here.