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Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production

This book helps you understand the major technical and business considerations which make up each part of the life of a typical oil or gas field.



By F. Jahn, M. Cook and M. Graham

This book provides insight into all the major stages in the life of an oil or gas field; from exploration, through appraisal, development planning, production, and finally to decommissioning.

With a comprehensive introduction to the upstream industry; useful for industry professionals who wish to be better informed about the basic methods, concepts and technology used. It is also intended for readers not directly working in oil and gas companies but who are providing related support services.

This volume will help you to understand the major technical and business considerations which make up each part of the life of a typical oil or gas field, and to demonstrate the link between the many disciplines involved.


About this book
1. The field life cycle
1.1 Gaining access phase
1.2 Exploration phase
1.3 Appraisal phase
1.4 Development planning
1.5 Production phase
1.6 Decommissioning
2. Petroleum agreements and bidding
2.1 The invitation to bid
2.2 Motivations and form of bid
2.3 Block award
2.4 Fiscal system
2.5 Farm-in and farm-out
2.6 Unitisation and equity determination
3. Exploration
3.1 Hydrocarbon accumulations
3.2 Exploration methods and techniques
3.2.1 Introduction to geophysical methods
3.2.2 Seismic acquisition and processing
3.2.3 Seismic interpretation
4. Drilling engineering
4.1 Well planning
4.2 Rig types and rig selection
4.3 Drilling systems and equipment
4.4 Site preparation
4.5 Drilling techniques
4.6 Casing and cementing
4.7 Drilling problems
4.8 Costs and contracts
5. Safety and the environment
5.1 Safety culture
5.2 Safety management systems
5.3 Environment
5.3.1 Environmental impact assessment (eia)
5.3.2 The eia process
5.4 Current environmental concerns
6. Reservoir description
6.1 Reservoir geology
6.1.1 Depositional environment
6.1.2 Reservoir structures
6.1.3 Diagenesis
6.2 Reservoir fluids
6.2.1 Hydrocarbon chemistry
6.2.2 Types of reservoir fluid
6.2.3 The physical properties of hydrocarbon fluids
6.2.4 Properties of hydrocarbon gases
6.2.5 Properties of oils
6.2.6 Fluid sampling and pvt analysis
6.2.7 Properties of formation water
6.2.8 Pressure - depth relationships
6.2.9 Capillary pressure and saturation-height relationships
6.3 Data gathering
6.3.1 Classification of methods
6.3.2 Coring and core ana



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