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Rig Sourcing

AGR has a team dedicated to sourcing rigs to ensure we secure the best available rig for our clients’ projects.
AGR maintains a detailed inventory of the location of rigs worldwide whether working or stacked and provides updated market analysis. With a large network of contacts in the industry, AGR’s team can negotiate on rig pricing and offer insight on specialised rigs. Our technical experts will recommend the most appropriate rig type for a project.

AGR is a pioneer of the multi-well multi-operator model allowing us to maximise efficiency for both rig owners and clients.  

Benefits to all participants in AGR managed multi-well programmes come from improved contract terms for tangible equipment and services entered into as a result of the aggregated demand, shared mobilisation/demobilisation and logistics costs. Additionally, the parties have access to AGR's Well Management teams guaranteeing continuity and minimising the learning curve to share lessons learned across the wells.