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AGR delivers well project management on Schooner-1 in Browse Basin

AGR’s Well Management team engaged with Hunt Oil to plan and drill their exploration well Schooner-1 in the Browse Basin offshore Western Australia.
The planned vertical well was to be drilled in 270m (MSL) water depth, targeting sand formations between 3,500m and 4,500m TVDRT using the Stena Clyde Semi-submersible. The project was executed in May 2014.

  • Safely and efficiently drill, log and abandon a deep high temperature well within approx 60 days in one of Australia’s most frequent cyclone areas during cyclone season
  • Logistical/Importation challenges of mobilising the required MODU from its prior location in JPDA 279 nm North-East of the Schooner-1 location, which is 228nm (422km) offshore from the Broome supply base, and a further 2,230km by road from the main O&G hub, Perth
  • Drill through the notoriously troublesome Grebe sand formation where majority of surrounding offset wells have experienced stuck pipe and costly BHAs lost down hole.
  • High temperature environment issues, such as:
             - Drilling Fluid selection
             - Staging procedures for MWD/LWD tools
             - BOP elastomer limitations
             - Heat considerations for mud room personnel due to predicted BHT of 360F.

The complicating factors:
  • At 4,200m MDRT abnormal torque was observed while there was no hole problems evident. Further investigation found the TDS motor required changing out resulting in 3.42 days of Non-productive time (NPT).
  • The Schooner-1 well was drilled was drilled to beyond 4,000m (TVDRT) before being successfully logged, plugged & abandoned in a total of 68.45 days versus the estimated (mean) of 60.4 days. This was an exceptional result considering that most non-productive time could be attributed to waiting on weather and rig related faults
  • Due to the pre-investigation by AGR into new and alternative drilling technologies, a number of pioneering firsts for the Client and the area were achieved on the Schooner-1 well.   These include:
             - First well in the area where the 17 1/2'' hole section was drilled in one bit run, using a Hybrid bit
             - First well in the area where the 12 1/4” hole section was drilled in one bit run, using a specially selected bit
             - First well in Australia to use dopeless casing
  • As a result, the well was able to be delivered to the Client with minimal operational risk exposure and unprecedented drilling rates