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Operations & Wellsite Geology
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Carbon Capture, Use and Storage

Operational Support

AGR operations support often follows on from our Exploration and Field Development studies, offering our clients continuation as the project is executed.

Support During Operational Phase

During the execution of a project, AGR provides operational reservoir support in the following areas:
  • operations geology
    • mudlogging
    • witnessing logging
    • pore pressure prediction and detection
  • writing formation evaluation programmes 
  • shallow hazards characterization and mitigation of risks
  • wellbore instability analysis 
  • operations petrophysics and quick-look log interpretation
  • updating well trajectories while drilling
  • well-test design and interpretation.

Support to Non-Operating Partners

For financial investors and licence partners, we provide ad-hoc advice reviewing the decisions and development proposals suggested by the field operators.

Our clients benefit from AGR's global level of expertise and are able to challenge the operator and ensure that actions are in the interests of all invested parties. We are able to represent clients at partner meetings and make technical judgement on their behalf.


Geomechanics is applied to help produce hydrocarbons safely. AGR offers a wide-ranging analysis involving the integration of geoscience and petroleum engineering disciplines to provide a comprehensive measured understanding of formation mechanical behaviour.  This integrated approach ensures the most technically robust and cost-effective enhancements to hydrocarbon production are applied to a specific formation or field. 


For direct enquiries with our experts, please contact:

Ole Gunnar Tveiten
Finn Johansen

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