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Production Technology

AGR provides clients with comprehensive and cost-effective completion design and production optimisation.
Integration of production technology and completion design with the subsurface and well engineering disciplines at the early stage of a field or well development project is crucial for selecting the optimum development concept.

As new technologies enable field developments with fewer wells than ever before, it is increasingly important that each well delivers its objectives. We work closely with our clients and AGR’s well and drilling engineers to deliver safe and high quality production technology solutions.

Our team keeps close to the latest technologies, basing their recommendations on sound industry practice and a risk-based assessment of options available.

Our engineers provide solutions in areas such as:
  • Reservoir inflow performance 
  • Wellbore and flow line performance
  • Flow assurance
  • Dynamic multi-phase flow simulation
  • Innovative completion and stimulation design
  • Wellbore stability
  • Pore pressure and fracture gradient prediction.

Integrated within these engineering services we have proven capability in the geomechanics arena covering topics such as borehole stability, casing damage, well failure, reservoir compaction and safe well operating limits during production and injection. 

Our team of geologists, geophysicists and geomechanics experts also provide integrated geomechanical modelling and 4D seismic services.

Contact us

For direct inquiries with our experts, please contact:

Anna-Lena Hellman, Manager Reservoir Geology

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